Let Your will be done

What are some of the ways of working with let Your will be done?

In general, it makes sense to do what needs to be done in a conventional sense. Acting in ways that seem appropriate to whatever situation we are in, with whatever kindness and insight is available to us.

And within this, nurture an attitude or orientation of let Your will be done, and also notice that it is already so.

I can use it as a prayer, in a sincere and heartfelt way.

And I can take it as a pointer, a starting point for inquiry, and maybe notice that it is already so. God’s will is already done, in everything that happens, including that which I take as initiated by a doer here.

I can notice that through the headless experiments or the Big Mind process.

I can inquire into causality, finding infinite causes to everything that seems initiated by a doer, leaving the doer as nothing at all.

I can explore the sense of a doer as it appears in the sense fields, maybe finding it as a gestalt made up of sensations and images. And finding only a story saying that this gestalt initiates anything.

A choice is made, an intention is formed, an action happens. There is a sensation-image gestalt of a doer, in my case located in the head area. There is a story saying “I did that”, or more accurately, that this gestalt caused whatever happened. And that is all I find.


Initial outline…

  • let Your will be done
    • do what needs to be done + attitude/prayer/practice of let your will be done
    • practice
      • prayer, sincere and heartfelt
      • notice already is so
        • big mind, headless experiments
        • inquiry into causality, infinite causes
        • explore the sense of a doer, recognize as a gestalt (sensations + images)

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