Many tools, each one sufficient


There are many tools for inviting in awakening, and each one may well be sufficient on its own. Not that many use only one, or that I really know.

I can work with projections. Noticing all stories as happening within my own world of images. Finding here now the qualities and dynamics I see in the wider world.

Finding what I see in heaven and hell, God and devil, saints and sinners, nature and culture, landscapes and cities, waking life and dream life, fictional and real life stories, earth and universe, awakened ones and not-awakened ones here now. Allowing the sense of me to be more and more inclusive, mirroring the wider world.

I keep an overlay of me, as this human self, and the wider world, and the difference between the two, for functional reasons. But allowing it to soften and then dissolve completely as a living reality.

And finding even awakeness,  emptiness, no thing, as what I am. Allowing the sense of a separate I to soften and dissolve.

I can work with gratitude. First, inviting gratitude for that which it is easy to feel grateful for, for instance through gratitude lists. Then, allowing the circle to expand, finding sincere gratitude for more and more, leaving less and less out.

And all coming from clarity. From recognizing all as support. As an invitation to grow and wake up. As God’s will. As the play of God.

As resistance to what is dissolves, what I am can more easily notice itself. It cannot help it.

I can work with prayer and devotion. Let Your will be done, not mine. Recognizing that all already is God’s will. Allowing myself to be more and more aligned with what is, releasing identification out of stories and identities.

I can work with fear. Noticing, allowing and welcoming the fear behind any belief, any identification with a story or identity, any emotional attachment, any fixed position. Allowing a softening and release of these.

I can work with compassion and kindness. For myself, others, whatever happens. Allowing the circle of sincere compassion to grow. Here too allowing resistance to what is, and identification with stories and identities, to soften and dissolve.

I can work with clarifying intention. Recognizing all my desires, wishes, intentions as a desire to grow and wake up. Allowing conflict with myself to dissolve, allowing conflict with what is to dissolve. Noticing how all already is aligned with inviting in awakening, and does so when it is clarified.

I can work with inquiry. I can inquire into beliefs, finding what is more true for me. I can inquire into sense fields, noticing how gestalts are created and what happens when they are taken as substantial and real, and what happens when they are recognized as gestalts.

Noticing how they are all content of awareness, comes and goes, living their own life, and is not what I am.

And that this includes the gestalts of me, as this human self with a particular identity, and of a separate I.

I can work with choiceless awareness in one or more of its flavors. Allowing what is, as it is, as if it would never go away. Shifting into headlessness or Big Mind, finding myself as that which experience happens within and as. Sitting on the cushion, allowing all to be as is.

First maybe mimicking what I am and everything is. Then allowing it to notice itself, more and more clearly. And finally, allowing a shift of identity into what I am.  And through it all, allowing my human self to reorganize and realign within this new context, exploring how to live from it, maturing within it.

There is always one more tool that may well be sufficient in itself. And one more.

And as so often, it is more about how it is used than anything else.


Initial outline…

  • many paths
    • each one (appears) sufficient
      • projections
        • noticing all stories as happening within my own world of images
        • finding here now what see in the wider world
          • first, the wider world mirroring who I am, as this human self, the sense of separation softens and dissolves
          • then, as what I am, where the sense of separate I dissolves
        • recognizing all as awakeness itself
      • gratitude
        • first, what is easy to experience gratitude
        • then, more and more inclusive until nothing is left out
        • sincere gratitude and appreciation, from clarity
          • all is support
          • all is invitation to grow/wake up
          • all is God’s will
          • all is the play of God
      • devotion/prayer
        • let your will be done, aligned with what is, disidentification with stories/identities
      • compassion
        • compassion and kindness for myself/others
        • first, that which is easy
        • then, include more until all is included
      • clarifying intention
        • recognizing all intention, wishes, desires, as desire to grow/wake up
        • as is clarified over time, all impulses are revealed as desire to wake up (inner conflict softens, dissolves)
      • inquiry
        • into beliefs
        • into what I am
      • choiceless awareness
        • aka allowing/being with, headlessness etc.
        • aligned with/mimicking what I am, then recognizing, then shift of identity

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