Many worlds, one being

A simple pointer that came up in the CSS practitioner group….

When we take ourselves to be an object in the world, our experience may be of many beings and one world. There are lots of different beings – humans, animals, plants and so on – and they all share the same world, this planet and universe. 

Yet, when what we are notices itself – and it doesn’t have to be a completely clear noticing – it all shifts. Now, it all looks like many worlds and one being. It is all awakeness itself, and each human, animal and plant is their own world, filtering awakeness and its forms in different ways. 

Maybe we can say that in a modern worldview, there is one world and many beings. In a post-modern worldview, there are many worlds and many beings. And for mystics, there are many worlds and one being. 

And this too is just a pointer, an invitation for inquiry. How is it for me? What are the practical consequences of each view? How would I live differently if there were many worlds and one being? When I explore, can I find many worlds and one being in immediate awareness? What happens if there is a shift into Big Mind or headlessness?  


Initial outline…

  • many worlds, one being
    • many beings, one world – when take ourselves as an object in the world
    • many worlds, one being

2 thoughts to “Many worlds, one being”

  1. Other interesting perspectives to explore could be ‘no world and one being’, ‘one being and no world’, and ‘no worlds and no beings’

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