It can be very interesting to explore the different gestalts… emotions, pain, joy, bliss, me as this human self, and the different flavors of I as a doer or observer.

First, where is the sense of an observer? A witness? Where in space is it? In or around the head? Above the head? Behind the head? Somewhere else?

Then, what sensations go with that sense of an observer? Sensations in the head area? The scalp? Throat? Neck? Inside of the mouth?

And what images go with that sense of an observer? An image of a center? Of a view as a cone with starting point,  aperture and direction, and sometimes open in all directions?

Is the gestalt of an observer any different from any other gestalt? Is it content of experience, as any other gestalt? Does it come and go? Is it made up of sensations and images?

If it is different, then when and how? Is it different when there is a shift into witnessing? And how is it different? Is it different in that it is identified with, taken as what I am, while other gestalts are recognized as content of awareness and not what I am? Or not?


When I explore the sense of an observer, or witness, in this way, I may find that it has a location. I may find sensations that make up that gestalt. I may find that it is content of experience, as any other gestalt. I may find that it is really no different from any other gestalt, apart from – sometimes – being identified with, being taken as what I am.



  • observer
    • sensations + images (gestalt)
      • gestalt as an “observer”, center, point, literally a viewpoint with a location and direction (or open in all directions)
      • sensations in head area (scalp, neck, mouth – muscles tense to create stronger/more stable sensations to help support the gestalt)
      • gestalt in/around/above/behind head
        • sensations “displaced” in space through images, so appear outside of head until look
        • sensations locate gestalt in space + give a sense of substance, solidity, reality to it
    • just like gestalt of “me”, and other flavors of “I” (doer, observer, etc.)
      • and also any other gestalt, made up from a mental field overlay on any sense fields
        • e.g. pain, others, the world
    • content of experience

Initial outline…

  • observer
    • sensations + image (gestalt)
      • in/around head area
      • sensations where they are, but images often placed around/behind/over head
      • (other images, “displace” the sensations out there, make them appear as if out there, until looked at)
      • (sensations anchor the gestalt in space + gives a sense of substance and reality to it)
    • just like “me”, and other flavors of “I” (doer, observer, etc.)
    • content of experience + a gestalt made up for sensations/images

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