Sane, even in the most ordinary way

Awakening is all about sanity, even in the most ordinary way.

A simple way to put it is that growing up as a human in the world is part of the process, and it happens before awakening, during the process of arriving at an abiding and embodied awakening, and within an abiding awakening. Growing up is a continuing process, and it includes healing and maturing, receptivity and less neediness, and acting in a more clear and kind way. And this allows for a more sane way of being in the world – also as seen from a conventional view.

Waking up is what we are noticing itself, releasing identification out of stories and identities, leaving a fluid use of stories as tools. And this too – especially when it happens through a relatively healthy and mature human self – tends to appear clear, kind and sane, even in an everyday sense.

And finally, when there is a freedom to use stories as tools, there is a freedom to follow cultural norms and conventions as well, and to do this from clarity, kindness and with skillful means.

For myself, wherever I am on the path, I can use this as a pointer. If someone sees my actions as anything less than healthy, sane and mature, it is an invitation for me to sincerely find the truth in what they are saying, and take it in. (Especially if I notice a tendency to want to justify or defend my actions or views!) In general, it is an invitation to find any stories I take as true that may lead me to behave that way and inquire into these stories. And this is especially true if there is a pattern in how others respond to me and see my actions.


Initial outline…

  • awakening
    • what we are noticing itself
    • releasing identification out of stories and identities (wide open, fluid, stories as tools)
    • this human life, lived within what we are awake to itself
      • reorganize, heal, mature, skillful means

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