The many uses of audio teachings

I sometimes listen to audio from different teachers such as Adyashanti, Byron Katie, or one of the CSS teachers. Most of the time, I do it for a short period of time and then allow it to stay with me for a while.

So I got curious about what function it may have to listen to this type of audio.

For some, it is comforting and gives a good feeling. It helps alleviate suffering in the short term, which is beautiful.

It can stir curiosity and clarify an intention to grow and wake up.

It can plant a seed… emerging later in whatever form it takes, as insight, inspiration for practice, a shift in perception, or something else.

It can be an inspiration for own practice.

It can deepen trust… in pointers, practices, what we are.

It can be a pointer for practice, as I am listening or later.

I can notice my beliefs around what I hear, and inquire into them, finding what is more true for me than the initial belief. (The Work.)

And, I am sure, much more that does not come to mind right now.


Initial outline…

  • audio teachings
    • comforting, feel good
    • stir curiosity, clarify intention
    • planting a seed – intention, inspiration, inquiry, insight
    • inspiration + pointer for own exploration, as is listening + afterward
    • notice + inquire into own beliefs around it

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