All as God?

I sometimes use the phrase “all as God” in these posts, and this phrase is a shorthand, a pointer and a question.

What it refers to is alive in immediate awareness as I use the phrase. At times more in the foreground, and at times more in the background. And it has  many facets and there are many (other) ways of talking about it.

It is the groundless Ground everything is happening as and within. It is all happening as/within a field of awakeness. All happening as no-thing appearing as something. That which is left when “I” is not there, or is recognized as just another gestalt and content of experience. Capacity for whatever is happening, and what is happening. That which cannot be touched by stories. And so on.

As always, the story of “all as God” is less helpful if we stop at the story. It is less than helpful if we take it as true, as a belief. And it can be quite helpful if we take it as a pointer and a question, an invitation for inquiry into what is alive in immediate awareness.


Initial outline….

  • all as god
    • a shorthand, pointer, question
    • different facets + ways of talking about… (alive in immediate awareness)
      • all happening as/within field of awakeness
      • all happening as no-thing appearing as something
    • as always
      • if stop at the story, less helpful
      • if taken as belief, a dead end
      • if used as a pointer and question, can be very helpful

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