Happening within and as awareness, and with awareness peering out

My wife had a recent shift into recognizing all as happening within awareness, as awareness, and being the same or neutral. (One taste, as they call it.)

It reminded me of how this can have three distinct flavors for me:
All is happening within awareness. As content of awareness. This tends to bring attention to space.

All is happening as awareness. As awareness itself and the play of awareness as appearances.

And awareness is inside of what is happening. Peering out of what is happening.

They are three aspects or flavors of the same, and each can be more in the foreground or background at different times. The volume button on each turns itself up or down.

I am relatively familiar with the two first ones. The third one comes up more strongly at times, and is often surprising to me since it is less familiar.

(There may also be a slight correlation between these and the three centers: Head/view and all happening within awareness. Heart/love and all happening as awareness. And belly/felt sense and awareness inside of whatever is happening.)


  • initial outline…
    • all happening within awareness
    • all happening as awareness
    • all happening with awareness within (awareness within all that is happening)

One thought to “Happening within and as awareness, and with awareness peering out”

  1. Meditation and peaceful activities help restore the energy grid. It moves off- line due to human conditioning. As people adopt thoughts and beliefs that do not serve a higher purpose, energy vibrations change and distort. To raise awareness is to begin to notice healing opportunties. Each effort exerted in this direction helps fortify an invisible grid you can evolve to sense

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