Clarity and surrender

There is a beautiful relationship between clarity and surrender.

As soon as there is clarity about a story we take as true and its supporting stories, it is no longer attached to as true.

We see that it is a story only. There is a grain of truth to it. There is a grain of truth to each of its reversals. There is suffering when it is taken as true. There is clarity and more room for wisdom and intelligence to function when it is not taken as true.

As Adyashanti says, if we thought 2+2=3, and now see that it is 4, the initial story is surrendered on its own.

As Joel says, when we realize we are holding a piece of hot coal in our hand (taking a story as true), we immediately drop it.

And in the classic snake analogy, we may mistake a shape in the dark for a snake, but when we recognize that it is really a rope, we cannot anymore mistake it for a snake. It may still take the appearance as a snake in the dark, but we know it is not.

In each case, it happens on its own through finding what is more true for us than any particular story. No effort is needed. No trying. Only sincere and honest investigation, now and now and now, and sometimes from different angles.

And as we work with this, it is good to investigate the dynamics around inquiry as well.

What happens if I inquire with the intention of “getting” something? What happens if I inquire to escape suffering? What happens if my intention is to find what is more true for me? What happens when I am willing to go anywhere truth takes me?

Here, I may see that my job is only to do the inquiry, with sincerity and honesty, allowing it to take me wherever truth goes.

And one place it takes me is into don’t know. A simple, sincere don’t know.

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