Inquiry: They should give better advice

They should give better advice. (The folks advicing others about what software to use.) 

  1. True?
    Yes. Sometimes feels that way. Sometimes take stories about it as true. Sometimes hear it from others.  
  2. Sure?
    No. Just an opinion.  
  3. What happens when I take that story as true??
    I see them as giving bad advice. I see them as wrong and myself as right. I go into stories about how they are wrong. I experience tension. Stress. A sense of separation to myself, life, them. I can locate myself in time and space.  
  4. Who would I be if I didn’t? 
    Receptive. Open. Curious. Friendly. More clear. Responsive to the situation, to what the situation seems to ask of me.  
  5. Turnarounds. 
    (a) They should not give better advice. 
    – –Yes. They have their reasons for giving that advice. It is the best advice they can give, given the info available to them and their priorities. 
    — It is honest to where they are. It is accurate feedback. 
    — It helps me notice my beliefs (hangups) around it. 
    (b) They should give worse advice.
    — Yes, it may invite the recipients of the advice to look somewhere else for advice. 
    — It triggers my beliefs mores strongly so it is easier to notice them, and there is more of a nudge to inquire into them. 
    (c) I should give better advice.  
    — Yes, I sometimes hold back advice, just because others seem locked into a particular view.
    — I should give myself better advice about them. (As I do here, especially in the turnarounds.)
    — I should give myself better advice when I am caught up in stories. (Through these inquiries.)  

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