Mental field and communication

In exploring the mental field, I notice a few things related to language and communication…

The mental field mimic each of the other fields. It mimics sight (images), sound, taste, smell, sensation, and even itself. (For instance when there is a memory of a previous thought.)

The mental field labels and interpret what is going on in the other fields. There is a sound, then an image of a bird placed on that sound. (In the area of space where that sound seems to come from.) A smell, and an image of a possible source and further associations.

(And before this, the mental field creates images of space that whatever is happening in the other sense fields is mapped onto. It creates a sense of time and continuity that images of past, future and present are strung out on. It creates images of me, as this human self with a particular identity, interacting and relating to the wider world. And it creates images of a doer and observer.)

So already here, at the level of automatic interpretation and labeling of what is happening in the sense fields, communication is happening. It is the mental field communicating with itself. Self-talk helping it make sense of the world so it can provide guidance for the humans self in the world.

The main communication seems to be going on here, and do so throughout the day even if it is not noticed. It is a non-verbal communication and self-talk, but it can still be quite complex and sophisticated. (And is most likely shared with most or all animals, although how it looks in each case obviously depends on the sense fields and the mental complexity of the animal. For an earth worm, it may be quite simple, and for a cat, more complex.)

For instance, there may be a sensation in the belly area. A label of hunger. An image of the house and the path from here to the kitchen. An image of something in the fridge. And then this body getting up and going there for a bit to eat. All of that happens on a non-verbal level, although it can of course spill over into the verbal layer.

This verbal layer is sounds (and images, if written) used to refer to the non-verbal layer.

The main communication goes on within the non-verbal layer. There is a thin layer verbal layer on top of this, allowing for some more functionality, and also making communication with others easier and more specific and comprehensive.

It may be interesting to notice and explore this. And a real shift happens to the extent the dynamics around the images of me, doer and observer are included.

I may notice that all drama is created within my own world of images, in my stories about how me relates to the wider world. I may notice that the only place I can find a me, doer and observer is in the mental field, as sensation-image gestalts. I may notice that what I really am is that which all of it happens within and as.


Initial outline…

  • mental field
    • mimicking the other sense fields
    • label, interpret, etc. + all my own world of images (relationships etc.)
    • space/time, past, future, present, me/I-wider world. etc.
    • main communication – nonverbal, a thin layer – verbal (finishing touches)
    • communicate with myself + also others (verbal + otherwise)
    • animals, similar overlay (easy to imagine), w/out (or very rudimentary) final verbal layer
    • helpful for me to see how I create my world

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