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From the Radio Adyashanti e-newsletter:

The next broadcast of Radio Adyashanti will take place this Wednesday, March 11. After that, Adyashanti will return 5 weeks later for the next live broadcast on April 15. Join him for a talk followed by an opportunity to dialogue with him directly by phone.

As always, Radio Adyashanti is FREE to anyone with an internet connection. For future broadcast dates, watch for these update emails, or check the Radio page at

For best results when tuning in, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer (for Windows) or Safari (for Macintosh).

Current and past radio programs are available to download for $10 each from the Radio Library. The current broadcast becomes available within two business days after the event. […]

The next broadcast of Radio Adyashanti will be on Wednesday, March 11. This free program will begin with a talk, followed by call-in dialogues.

Free Broadcast ~ Adyashanti LIVE
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
5–6pm Pacific Time—Pre-show Music
6–7:30pm Pacific Time—Satsang with Adyashanti

To check the time in California, visit or

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