Stories, clarity and Ground

Three layers…

First, the layer of stories, of whatever happens in the mental field helping us orient and function in the world.

The, a layer of inherent wisdom and intelligence, which uses experience, stories, intuition, kindness and so on in finding ways to act in the world.

And finally, Ground, the groundless Ground it is all happening as.

Whatever happens in the layer of stories can be taken as true or not. When it is taken as true, it tends to obscure take attention away from the layer of wisdom. We act on beliefs and fears, rather than the guidance from the layer of wisdom. And when stories are taken as tools only, there is clarity for the layer of wisdom to take over and use whatever it has available to it to set a course of action.

In the first case, there is often a sense of something being off, struggle and working – at least slightly – against situations. In the second case, there is often a sense of clarity, guidance and navigating and working with situations.

As with so much else, this can sound quite abstract and theoretical, a nice thought. But it can also be very much alive.


Initial outline…

  • three layers
    • stories – taken as true or tools
    • clarity – inherent intelligence, wisdom, clarity
    • ground

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