The gifts of inconsistency

Some things about consistency and inconsistency…

I can, of course, aim at consistency in the ordinary sense, between values, words and actions. And also integrity in acting on what is more true for me than beliefs, and notice and inquire into beliefs and fears preventing me from acting on it.

But there are gifts in inconsistency as well.

It is inevitable, and as someone said, only fools are consistent with themselves. Through experience, the stories I use as guidelines for action naturally change, so I will be – and wish to be – inconsistent with myself over time.

And when anyone – myself, others, teachers and so on – are inconsistent, I can notice my beliefs around it, inquire into them, and find what is more true for me. For myself, I can inquiry into any beliefs I have around consistency (shoulds), and also into any beliefs preventing me from acting with more integrity.

So in both the inconsistency over time and here now, there is a great gift.


Initial outline…

  • consistency and inconsistency
    • consistency
      • consistency of words and actions
      • integrity, act on what I know is more true for me (notice beliefs/fears preventing me from acting on it, and inquire into them)
    • inconsistency
      • inevitable
      • teachers and teachings
      • inconsistency, shows cannot rely on words or people, have to investigate for one’s self

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