Wisdom and beliefs

Same topic, a slightly different angle…

I notice how wisdom is available to the extent I am not caught up in beliefs.

When I am caught up in beliefs, there is a limit on where wisdom can go. If wisdom tells me something that doesn’t fit the belief, it is not noticed, not acted on, or acted on in a more compulsive way.

When I am less caught up in beliefs, wisdom is more free to go where it needs to. (This wisdom draws on whatever is available: experience, intuition, kindness, stories, and it then uses stories to guide action in the world, recognizing them as tools only.)

It is very simple. Yet a lot of work can go into finding more clarity around specific stories, noticing – and taking the consequences of in my daily life – what is more true for me than my initial beliefs.

And as Byron Katie says, we are enlightened to a thought, or not. And we never know in advance.


Initial outline…

  • wisdom and beliefs
    • wisdom, available to the extent not caught up in beliefs
    • beliefs, creating a cage so wisdom has less freedom to move
    • ground, intuition, wisdom/intelligence, kindness/heart, stories (tools), beliefs (stories taken as true, confining what is noticed + how it can be lived)

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