World of images

Again, maybe 101 stuff, but good to notice….

When I explore my own world of images, the mental field overlay on the sense fields, it is quite helpful to notice the overlay on the wider world, and also on the me part – my human self. But what is really helpful is to notice the overlay of the wider world, the me and the I, the relationships among them, and how drama is entierly created from these relationships, within my own world of images.

If I don’t notice the overlay of a me, and also – and especially – the overlays of a doer, observer etc., there is easily still an identification with these, and I don’t notice how all drama is created in the relationships between the wider world and the me + I.

When I include the images of a me + I, in their many forms, the “trick” is seen through. I notice how it is all within my own world of images, and how any drama is created within my own world of images.

One way to explore this is to ask myself, what seems most like “I”? Where do I find it? Where is it located in space? How does it appear in each of the sense fields? Which sensations are included? What images?

What happens when these images are taken to be what I am? What happens when these are seen as images?

A nice bonus is that by looking for the sense of a separate I, it is welcomed in and allowed as it is. There is less tendency to resist it, and resistance is just another way of creating a foothold within my own world of images, identifying more with some parts and less with other.

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