All seeking, a seeking of God

Again, maybe 101 stuff, but may still be useful as a pointer and inquiry….

All seeking, is a seeking of God.

As a statement, it is not very helpful. But as a question and starting point for own inquiry, it may be.

Maybe the simplest way to explore this is to take any desire and trace it back. What is it really about? What I find is that they tend to go back to something very innocent: a desire for happiness, and to avoid suffering. One step away from this, it may look like many things, such as a desire to come home, for richness, fulfillment, satisfaction, approval, love, truth, connection, abundance, and so on.

All of those are met through what we are waking up to itself. And they – or at least identification with them – are created by what we are not noticing itself.

And there are also two layers here.

First, recognizing that all desires – when traced back to their origin – is a desire for what we are to wake up to itself.

Then, recognizing that a step away from this, at the human level, there are also very legitimate ways to meet these desires. These desires, when traced back to this one step away, are pointers to living a full and rich life, with integrity. The fullness comes from finding ways as human beings to meet these desires, and the integrity comes from how we go about doing this, the strategies we act from.

For me, the desire to come home is strong and has been so since my childhood. It is clearly a desire for awakening, yet it is also a desire for coming home at the human level as well. And the strategies for meeting that desire are layered. From the basic one of noticing how I am already at home in myself and the universe, to finding a sense of home in myself through noticing and embracing more of my fullness as a human being,  to finding places, people and activities I feel at home with and so on.

Synchronicity: As I finished writing that example, the refrain of the music I listened to was take me home.


Initial outline…

  • all a seeking of God
    • one way of talking about it, a question, and a starting point for inquiry
    • all desires
      • seeking to wake up (seeking to avoid suffering, find happiness)
      • seeking to live a rich life, experience manifestations of God (in all its richness)
        • live with integrity, follow heart etc. (eventually clarify/settle as, revealed as when clarified)
    • ….

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