Speaking ones truth in two ways….

I can take stories as true and speak from there. When I do so, there is defense and attack, making others wrong, rigidity, a sense of separation.

I can speak as a confession. With heart. Receptivity. Taking responsibility. A sense of being in the same boat, of shared humanity.

When I am not clear, it comes out as defense and attack, even if it is in subtle ways. There is also a sense of compulsion around it, of not having real freedom in choosing if, when and how to bring it up.

When I am clear, it comes out as a confession. And there is also the freedom to chose whether or not to mention something, and how to do so.

Trigger: Adya talking about speaking ones truth as a confession.


Adya talks about speaking ones truth as a confession, and that is my experience as well.

One way to speak ones truth is to glue onto stories as true and make others wrong.

Another way is to speak ones truth as a confession…. with heart, receptivity, taking responsibility.

One way is toxic and not much good comes from it. The other comes from our deep humanity and heart.


Initial outline….

  • confession, speaking one’s truth
    • from heart, take responsibility, receptivity
    • similar to confession to a priest
    • from stories as true: defense, making others wrong, separation,
    • as confession: from heart, receptivity, shared humanity
    • when clear with oneself – honest, kind – then comes out as confession
    • when not clear with oneself, comes out as something to defend/attack

One thought to “Confession”

  1. I notice the same for myself. The more defensive I am either out loud or in my head the more likely I’m attaching to an untrue thought.

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