A few things about fear and fearlessness….

The conventional view on fearlessness (or its more active cousin, courage), is to act in spite of fear. And this can be a very helpful pointer in many situations. Fear comes up. I can recognize it as just fear. And if it seems appropriate, I can act in spite of that fear.

I can examine fear through the sense fields. How does it appear in each sense field? What are the sensation components? What are the mental field components? Can I find it outside of these sense fields? What happens if I bring attention to only the sensations? Is it still fear? What happens when the fear gestalt (sensations + label/stories) is taken as solid and real? What happens when it is recognized as only a gestalt?

When I notice fear, I can notice beliefs behind it an inquire into them.

I can allow and be with whatever experience is here, including fear. What happens when I try to resist the experience? What happens when I allow it, as it is, as if it would never change, with heart and gentle kindness? What happens when I befriend it, as it is?

I can explore the functions of fear. How does it support me in daily life? Would we be here if our ancestors didn’t sometimes experience fear?


Initial outline….

  • fearless
    • fearless (yin), courage (yang)
      • act in spite of fear
      • examine fear through sense fields, not fear anymore (sensations + label/stories)
      • inquire into beliefs, noticed through fear
      • allowing/being w. experience, including fear (not identified with anymore)
      • explore functions of fear (how it helps us in daily life + evolution perspective)

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