Inquiry: He should appear more normal

He should appear more normal. (David W., a local teacher in the Ramana Maharshi tradition who seems to go into an absorption state when teaching.)

  1. True?
    Yes. Feels true. I can find stories telling me it is true. In my mind, I can find others agreeing.
  2. Sure it is true?
    No. Not at all. It is just an opinion. (Obviously a hangup, an unexamined story, since there is an emotional charge there.)
  3. What happens when I take that story as true?
    • I feel annoyed.
    • I notice and keep inventory of what he is doing that is outside of “normal”: When he teaches, he seems to go into an absorption state. He looks, talks and moves as a zombie. He uses archaic English, even if he is relatively young.
    • I put him down in his mind, through “zombie” labels and more.
    • I make my own stories right, and the folks who don’t agree wrong. (In my mind.)
    • I tell myself that he is giving spirituality a bad name by acting in that way, weirdly. What will people think and say? What will they think and say about me, if they knew I was there?
    • There is an emotional charge, which fuels the stories mentioned above, which in turn fuels the emotional charge.
    • I experience separation. Feel that I am in the wrong place, with the wrong group.
    • When did I first have that thought? As a kid when I myself tried to be as normal as possible, unsuccessfully most of the time. I created a strong belief for myself that normal is good, and have carried that with me and into many areas of life. In this case, when I first saw David W. teaching.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Receptive. Curious. This is the first teacher I have seen that appears to go into an absorption state or trance when teaching. I appreciate the difference, the richness in how different people teach. I am free to explore the gifts of this particular way of doing it. I am free to acknowledge that many seem to benefit, including people who’s opinions I respect. I am free to stay or leave, and to do so from more clarity and appreciation and less from reactivity.
  5. Turnaround
    • He should not appear more normal.
      • No. Infinite causes…. The history of all of Existence has led up to that exact teaching style. (Which doesn’t mean I have to go to his teachings.)
      • Many seem to get a great deal out of it. It seems to benefit many, including many who are seasoned and smart about these things.
      • It triggers this belief in me so I can see it and inquire into it. That in itself makes it worth it for me.
    • I should appear more normal.
      • Well, yes. The advice is always for myself. The advice “act normal” comes up and it is for myself, not him.
      • It may have been good advice for myself as a kid. Now, I can inquire into it and find a wider field of possibilities.
      • When I take a story as true, I become “abnormal” in several ways. Inquiring into the belief, finding what is more true for me, I normalize. In that way, the advice is more than current.
    • My thinking should appear more normal.
      • Yes, when a story is taken as true, my thinking gets distorted. It becomes abnormal. When I find what is more true for me, my thinking normalizes. Thoughts are recognized as innocent questions.

One thought to “Inquiry: He should appear more normal”

  1. I spent numerous years plowing through Wilber books. I still find his work and thought intriguing here and there…find myself occasionally catching up on things at IntegralNaked. Stumbled upon The Work around two years ago and quickly “fell into it”. Since then, the mind has of course began it’s gentle scramble to synthesize what’s been discovered personally through Inquiry, and what has been pointed to in Integral Theory. I’ve found this site helpful, thank you. Your inquiries and temporal conclusions so resemble mine, it’s ridiculous.

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