Need a little help

Tank: Got him! He’s on the run.
Neo: Mr. Wizard, get me the hell out of here.
Tank: Got a patch on an old exit, Wabash and Lake.
Neo: Oh shit…. Help. Need a little help.
Tank: Door…. Door on your left. No, your other left…. Back door.
– The Matrix (transscript)

When I first watched The Matrix, I was touched by this moment of honesty and humanity. It is a little out of character for a hard-core action movie, but then The Matrix is more than that.

As always, it is a reminder and a question.

It is a reminder that asking for help is OK, whether from others or of God. I can ask others for guidance or support, or find support through joining a group of like minded folks. I can ask God (Existence, Buddha Mind) to show me the way, the next step. I can ask God for mercy through the heart/Jesus prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me. (Mercy here is asking and finding receptivity for guidance and grace.)

This is obvious in many cultures and traditions, and sometimes less so in US culture and certain modern versions of non-dual traditions.

Asking for help is also inquiry. What happens when I ask for help? For myself, I find a shift into a more open heart and receptivity.

And it is an invitation to explore further. Can I ever do anything on my own? In what ways am I already supported? I find that everything I call me and I has infinite causes, and wouldn’t be here without the larger social and ecological whole, the universe and Existence as a whole. I am already supported in infinite ways.

It is also an invitation to ask myself how I am already helped through guidance and grace. I may notice that stress is an amazing pointer to beliefs, which I can then inquire into and find what is more true for me. I may notice shifts happening that “I” didn’t create, at most, what I tell myself is a doer did some work inviting it in. I may notice that everything already is what I am seeking – awakeness appearing as form, inherently selfless, ground, what we all are and everything is.


Initial outline…

  • need a little help
    • a moment of honesty, humanity (a little out of character for a hard-core action movie, which it is and isn’t)
      • asking for help – open the heart, receptivity, don’t know mind (when ask someone + ask God)
      • acknowledge cannot do it all alone, as if ever could, and interdependence, profound dependence on the larger social and ecological whole (a given in many cultures, but may be more of a blindspot in the US)
    • asking others for help, in the usual ways (guidance, support etc.)
    • asking God (existence, Buddha Mind) for help
      • show me the way, next step
      • jesus/heart prayer (lord jesus christ, have mercy upon me)

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