I don’t have much perspective on kenosis, the wearing out of remaining identifications. A wearing out of taking stories – and their viewpoints and corresponding identities – as true, and as what we are.

But here are a few things I notice from my own experience, and that of some others….

It can happen through changing life circumstances, inviting us to let go of familiar stories and identities. And it can also happen mainly through an internal process, with few or no changing life circumstances.

It can happen in a noticeable way, or not.

It can happen quickly, or over a longer period of time.

It can be experienced as easy or difficult.

And the process can be made a little easier through allowing experience, as it is, as if it would never change. By inquiring into beliefs and identities, and finding what is more true for me. Finding sincere gratitude. And living with integrity.


Initial outline….

  • kenosis
    • wearing off of remaining identifications (taking stories – and their viewpoints/identities – as true)
      • can happen with/without changing life circumstances
      • can be noticeable or not
      • can be experienced as easy or difficult
    • can aid, make easier, through allowing experience, inquire into beliefs, gratitude, living with integrity

One thought to “Squeezed”

  1. Reading your description it feels so natural, letting identities wear out. It’s a good metaphor for me when I’m trying to keep wearing them even though they have holes and patches.

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