Tightening and loosening knots

Knots happen whenever a story is taken as true, and they include the effects of taking a story as true such as reactive emotions, and also whatever actions come out of both.

Knots tighten when I fuel stories as true, and also resist experience and take it as “other”.

And knots loosen when there is receptivity, curiosity and allowing experience as is. When there is a shift into don’t know. Curiosity about the stories and the truth in their reversals. And allowing experience as is, with heart and kindness.

Whenever any story is taken as true, it creates a sense of a separate I and creates this core knot. And at the same time, these stories flesh out the viewpoints and identities of this separate I.

So taking any story as true tightens the core knot of taking a separate I as true. Meeting it with an attitude of receptivity, curiosity and kindness makes it possible for it to loosen. And inquiring into it to find what is more true for me may untie the knot entirely, to the point where it cannot so easily form again.


Initial outline…

  • knots
    • taking story as true + what comes out of it (reactive emotions, actions etc.)
    • tightening: when fuel the appearance of truth/solidity
      • fuel stories as true, including supporting stories
      • resist experience, take it as “other”
    • loosening: when receptivity, curiosity, allowing experience as is
      • don’t know
      • curiosity about the stories + truth in the reversals
      • allowing experience, as it is, with kindness

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