Whoever believes

Whoever believes that the All itself is deficient is (himself) completely deficient.
Gospel of Thomas, verse 67.

This can be seen as referring to projections.

What I see in the world says more about me than the world. In a conventional sense, it says a lot about me and little about the world. In a real sense, it says all about me and nothing about the world.

What I relate to and talk about is my own world of images.

When I take a story as true, I will inevitably see something or someone as deficient, yet the deficiency is right here in taking the story as true.

And the qualities and characteristics I see in the wider world is what I recognize from right here, whether I notice or not.


Initial outline…

  • we see ourselves, how we see the world reflects our view of the world (insights, confusions)
  • we see our own world of images
  • shadow, projections

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