Getting up

A simple little practice suggested by Byron Katie. 

When I wake up in the morning, I can wait and be curious about when the body gets up. I find that it always does get up, and gets up in time if I have something scheduled. And it is completely without drama since the “doer” is out of the picture. (Or at least occupied with observing.) I may even notice some of the process behind getting up, such as a thought of getting up immediately preceding my body actually getting up. 

It is a great practice for a few different reasons.

It helps me see that choices can be made and actions done without a “doer”. I may notice something about the process behind choices and acting on them. I notice that without a “doer”, choices are made and actions happen simply and without drama. I may notice concerns about choices not being made and actions not being taken without a “doer”. (There may be a little drama around this, especially in the beginning.) And maybe most importantly, as I notice this over and over, I learn to trust it and allow for it to happen in other situations in daily life. 


Initial outline…

  • byron katie
    • wake up in the morning, wait, watch the body get up (can even watch the process, a thought > getting up)
    • find that gets up in time, when appropriate
    • see how it is happening without a doer + learn to trust that choices and actions will happen on their own, when time is ripe

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