Inquiry: They should use a broom!

They should use a broom*. (The folks using those infernal leaf blowers.) 

  1. True?
    Yes. Feels true sometimes. I can find stories telling me it is true. I can find others who agree.  
  2. Sure?
     No. Just an opinion. 
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I may be fine for a while, but after 10-20 minutes listening to the leaf blowers, I start feeling agitated and annoyed. Instead of enjoying the weather outside, I may go inside. 
    • I make them wrong and myself right. I see them as idiots. Inconsiderate. Stupid Americans in love with noise and machinery. Imbeciles who use noisy machines when a broom will do perfectly well. Why buy expensive equipment that require fuel and makes a great deal of noise, when a simple old fashioned broom does the same job? Also, using a broom is often quicker, and no time and energy is needed for maintenance, repairs or fueling. I rehearse all of these arguments in my mind, becoming even more sure I am right and they are wrong, making myself more restless and agitated. 
    • I continue fueling more stories. 
      • In my mind, there are at least two or three leafblowers going in the neighborhood at any one time. I exaggerate to make the situation more dramatic, to make myself more of a victim, to make them more wrong and myself more right. (There is usually one or more going on at any one time during the day, but not always. And not after dark.) 
      • I wish I lived somewhere where leafblowers are banned. 
      • I tell myself I shouldn’t live in the US where people often are noisy, crude and inconsiderate compared with where I am from. 
    • I experience separation to myself, them and life. I solidify a sense of being separate and located in particular place. 
    • My body tenses up. 
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Receptive. Spaciousness. Acting without needing drama. Acting from clarity. Staying or going inside with clarity. 
    • Curiosity. Interest in why they use a leaf blower and what is happening for me around it. Friendly.  
  5. Turnarounds.
    • They shouldn’t use a broom. 
      • They are not. Infinite causes has brought them to not using a broom right now. 
      •  In their own mind, they must have good reasons for using leafblowers instead of brooms. 
      • It helps me see my own beliefs around this and what I do to myself when I hold onto those stories as true. 
    • They should use a leaf blower. 
      • Yes, for the reasons above. 
      • They must have good reasons for it, in their own mind. 
      • It triggers my own hangups, allowing me to see them and investigate. 
    • I should use a broom. 
      • Yes, and I do. The advice is for myself. I don’t like leafblowers and see no reason for using them, so I can follow my own advice.  
    • My mind should use a broom. 
      • Yes, that is very true. When I make the initial story true, my mind becomes crude, noisy, inconsiderate. My mind is the leafblower there. Instead, I can find what is more true for me, and find simplicity. My mind becomes a broom. Here too, the advice is for myself. 

* or a rake!

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