Judgment day: You may be going to Hell


As I walked around downtown yesterday evening, a man on a bench looked at me approaching, took a puff from his cigarette, and said:

Judgment day! (Pause.) You may be going to hell.

The obvious thing is that in his mind, that is very much true, and he is doing me a favor by reminding me about it. It comes from kindness.

Since any story is a question and invitation for inquiry, how is it true for me, including at that moment?

How is it true that I may be going to hell?

Right then, I found that I was resisting experience. I resisted a headache, nausea and a general feeling of being clogged up. Noticed how that resistance solidified those labels and experiences, and created a sense of unease, of something not being right with the world. I created a small hell for myself, even if it was quite mild. I had a story that things should be different, took it as true, created an opposition to reality and life as it unfolded there and then, and created a sense of separation, stress and unease for myself.

And what about judgment day. Where do I find that?

I create my own judgment day when I tell myself I should feel differently than I do. I take a story as true, it creates a should, life shows up differently, and there is stress and unease. It is perfectly OK and understandable, but good to notice.

Also, I noticed a slight resistance to him communicating with me, especially as he looked pretty scruffy. There was a resistance to the experience of him talking with me, and several stories that I took as true about it.

I also see that when I take a story as true, and resist experience, I am more likely to act in ways that conventional Christianity may see as sending me to hell. I am more likely to break the different commandments. And when I am released from taking a story as true, or at least notice what is going on enough to not act on it in, I naturally live more aligned with the commandments – even without having them in mind.

Talking about it this way may look obvious, but there is a juice in it when the explorations are done with receptivity, sincerity and an open landscape, from don’t know.


Initial outline….

  • judgment day: you may be going to hell (guy downtown)
    • again, a question, invitation for inquiry (how is it true for me)
      • hell
        • whenever take a story as true, identify with its viewpoint + associated role
        • creates a should, and life won’t conform (friction with life, reality)
      • judgment day
        • whenever take a story as true, judge whether life conform or not
      • aligned with conventional view
        • notice when take a story as true (tension, stress, separation, locate an “I” in space/time) and inquire into it
        • helps me live in a more wise/kind way, more aligned with ten commandments, ethics etc. (naturally, effortlessly)
        • so even from conventional views (on judgment day, hell etc.), is ok (with this approach)

Anything in life is a pointer for practice….

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