When I explore something in thought, there is always further to go, always more thoughts generated. More details, viewpoints, another level of transcend and include and so on. 

And when I explore in immediacy – for instance how something appears in each sense field – it is a mystery. I can find ways to describe it including in all the Big Mind and conventional ways, but it is an utter mystery. 

I bring attention to an emotion (joy, sadness, anger) or pain, notice that it is a sensation and a label, and cannot tell what it is. I bring attention to the doer and observer gestalts, notice them too as sensations and images, and cannot tell what it is. I explore any object, including my own face in the mirror, and cannot tell what it is. 

I can say it is joy, revealed as a sensation and a label, revealed as awareness itself, revealed as no thing appearing as something….. and it is clear that I really don’t know. All that is left is what is here in immedicay, and don’t know. 

There is a beauty here in how it all co-exists: The conventional stories. The Big Mind stories. All happening within don’t know. 

Trigger: The CSS practitioner’s group teacher talking about looking at oneself in the mirror, and how it ends up in not knowing. 


Initial outline…

  • mystery
    • when explore something in thought, always further to go, more thougths to generate (more details, viewpoints, transcend & include etc.)
    • when explore in immediacy (f. ex. how it appears in each sense field), is a mystery, outside of mental field + cannot even say what is even if try to express it through the mental field 
      • emotion, pain, object, own face in mirror, word etc. 

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