Not neccesary, but sometimes best option

…. for the maintenance of equilibrium of the society, sometimes killing is necessary. 

That quote is from the Youtube user who uploaded this documentary on Iwo Jima.

Is killing ever neccesary? Is any choice or action every neccesary?

Even from a conventional view, it is obvious that it is not.

We may chose an action because it seems appropriate in a situation. Or we may believe a story and feel compelled to chose and act a certain way. But there is nothing inherent in any situation that “require” a certain way of chosing and acting. (Although we can also say that whatever choice and action happens is neccesary because any choice and action has infinite causes, it is the local manifestations of the movements of the whole.)

Using words such as “neccesary” is a way of covering up this choice, and our responsibility in making the choice and taking a certain action. We put the responsibility out there, on the situation, while it belongs right here with ourselves. 

So the question, as always, is: When do I see something as neccesary? A view? An action? When do I try to cover up my choice by making it appear neccesary? 


Initial outline…

  • “for the maintenance of equilibrium of the society, sometimes killing is necessary”
    • not neccesary, but may appear as the best option in extreme situations (most appropriate, kind, wise)
    • if say “neccesary” then a way of justifying it, and can never be justified (but can be explained)
    • stay open for other options, not defending it (as I don’t defend eating meat, even if I do) 

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