Attraction and aversion

There are many ways to explore attraction and aversion, for instance through The Work and projections (including visualizing myself as the other). 

It can also be explored through the sense fields. 

When attraction or aversion comes up, how does it appear in the sense fields? I find sensations and images. 

I can bring attention to the sensations, and notice them as just sensations distinct from the images. Just here, the hook of the aversion or attraction falls away. 

And when I explore the images further, I find a whole world there. I find images of myself (male, certain look,  identities, likes/dislikes), I find images of another (gender, look, identities), I find images of how well the match is and in what direction, from that arises attraction, neutrality or aversion, and from that comes all the familiar physical, emotional and behavioral effects. 

It is all happening within my own world of images. All the drama happens within my own imagination. 

And when this is noticed, it goes >poof<. The mystery goes out of it. I can still play along, or not, but not blindly as before. The hook falls away. 

Of course, that may not happen right away or consistently. For me, I notice that as this is explored over and over, in new and fresh ways and from different angles, there is a new immediacy and clarity in how it is noticed, even as it happens. 

Bringing attention to the sensation component is easier earlier on in the process, and as it happens. And noticing that all drama happens within my own images comes over time, yet allows the hook to fall away more completely. 

Why explore it this way? That is another question and another inquiry. What happens when I am blindly caught up in attraction or aversion? What happens when I bring attention to the sensation component? What happens when I notice how all drama happens within my own world of images? 


Initial outline….

  • physical attraction
    • happens w/in mental field, imagination, own world of images
      • image of me here (male, female, particular characteristics, interests, fancies)
      • another there, either a match or not
        • if a match, then attraction etc.
        • if not, neutrality or repulsion
      • all happening w/in own world of images (w. all the familiar effects, physical, emotional, behavior etc.)
      • when notice, goes >poof< (the mystery goes out of it, being blindly caught up in it, can still play with it, play along, but not blindly in the same way)

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