Spiritualization of matter

At a CSS talk, one of the questioners used the term spiritualization of matter. I don’t know much about how it is ordinarily used, but it seems that it can be talked about in a couple of different ways.

All is already awakeness, and that includes all appearances, overlay of stories, identifications, sense of I and Other, doer, observer and so on. What we label matter is already Spirit so no need – or even possibility – to spiritualize anything.

To explore this, I can chose something that seems very much material and physical, for instance a cup. How does it appear in each sense field? Through sensations, sight, sounds, images? What is its appearance in each sense field made of? Is it awakeness itself? Can I find what stories label “matter” outside of these sense fields? Can I find “matter” outside of images and stories? Can I find it as anything else than awakeness? (The very ordinary awakeness we are all familiar with, which is here independent of context of experience and identifications.) This may sound very naive, and I suppose that is one of the reasons we usually don’t explore things this way.

Awakeness can awaken to itself, notice itself, and identification shift out of stories. Our human self will then reorganize within this new context, and this can be called spiritualization of matter. Our body, energies, emotions and views shift and reorganize within this context of what we are awake to itself. Our human self heals, matures and develops in this new context, and does so in ways that appears sane and mature in a conventional sense as well.

This reorganization can also happen before such an awakening, through practice and at least to some extent.


Initial outline…..

  • spiritualization of matter (ways of talking about)
    • all already awakeness, the play of awakeness
      • as appearances, overlay of stories, identifications, sense of I and Other, doer, observer etc. (this awakeness, here now, for all of us, independent of content or identification)
      • no need to spiritualize anything, already is the play of God
    • when awakeness awakens to itself
      • shift of identification out of stories
      • this human self reorganize at all levels (physical, energetic, emotional, mental) within this new context
      • this human self heals, matures and develops w/in this new context
      • spiritualized, in that (limited) sense (can begin before it happens, through practices, mimicking the awakening before it happens to some extent)
    • healing, maturing and development of this human self, in itself
      • can be seen as spiritualization of matter if hold an evolutionary view in the foreground

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