The eyeball that cannot see itself


[The Residents]

As soon as I take myself as the image of a separate I, it is not recognized as an image. 

It is one of the many tricks of the mind.

The separate self gestalt takes different forms, such as a doer and an observer, always made up of sensations and images and other sense fields as appropriate. As any other gestalt it happens as content of experience, living its own life. It is not more what I am than any other content of experience. 

Yet, as soon as this gestalt is taken as what I am, it becomes invisible as gestalt and content of experience. It becomes the eyeball that cannot see itself. 

Even when attention is brought to it, it may shift to another location in space so it can take a look at where it used to be, continuining to be the eyeball that cannot see itself.

(There is a lot going on here: A story of a separate I located in particular area of space, usually in/around the head. A story of something observed. A story saying the separate I is observing. A story bringing attention to it. A story making it appear in a slightly different location in space.)

A simple way to explore this is through the headless experiments, as that which all experience – including the separate I gestalt – happens within. 

Another is to explore the separate I gestalt – the doer, observer and so on – through the sense fields. How does it appear in each sense field? What are the sensation components? What is the image? Where is it in space? Is it content of experience? Does it come and go? Is it different from any other content of experience? Is it what I really am? 


Initial outline….

  • eyeball that cannot see itself
    • identification with image (sensation+image gestalt) of a separate I, becomes the eyeball that cannot see itself
    • ways to explore
      • through sense fields, notice as sensation + image gestalt (content of experience, appearing at point in space)
      • bring into view, find myself as that which it happens within


For instance, as soon as there is identification with the image of a separate I, it becomes the eyeball that cannot see itself.

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