Two forms of radical

Two forms of radical….

Whenever I take a story as true, I act as if it is true. I override what is more true for me, and sometimes wisdom and kindness as well. If it goes far enough, it can easily look radical. Ideology becomes more important than anything else, even if the ideology is that people shouldn’t use leafblowers. We are hooked up to act on truth, even if that truth is a lie. 

The other form is a radical honesty with myself, and in particular a radical honesty with my stories. Can I know it is true? What happens when I take it as true? Who would I be without that story? What are the truths in the turnarounds? This invites in receptivity of view and kindness to myself and others, and when it is lived from, it will usually look ordinary, mature and kind. (Although in unusual circumstances, it can look radical in a conventional sense if such an action appears as the most wise and kind action at the time.) 


Initial outline….

  • two forms of radical
    • take a story as true, act as if it is true (override what is more true for us + sometimes good sense and kindness)
      • act from rigid view, closed heart (in that direction)
    • loyalty to truth, to what is more true for us than any one story (radical towards ourselves, our own truth)
      • act from receptivity + kindness (experience, pragmatic)

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