My practices right now are mostly those woven into my daily life, although I am doing some formal practice and am drawn to do more.

The daily life practices are quite varied.

Sometimes, just noticing the image of a doer and observer in the midst of activity, or exploring whatever is happening as it shows up in each sense field.

Other times, noticing the symptoms of attaching to a story as true, soften/shift out of it, and sometimes writing down the belief and do a more formal inquiry into it later.

I may also do the heart/Christ prayer as I am doing something else.

At times, when I notice attraction or aversion, I notice how it is all happening within my own world of images (images of the other, myself, and the attraction/aversion), and use whatever I see out there – in someone else or a situation – in myself here and now.

When emotions or pain comes up, I may notice resistance and use that as a reminder to soften and shift into allowing it all as is.

When I sit down to do more formal practice….

I sometimes bring attention to the breath for a few minutes and then choiceless awareness.

Other times, I start with the breath, then shift into a devotional practice (prayer, heart prayer, Christ meditation), and sometimes end with choiceless awareness.

Usually, it ends with shifting attention to the heart and a prayer for the well being of all beings.

I also feel a need for a shift from contemplation (this blog) to shikantaza or choiceless awareness. Less stories, more resting as what I am. And maintaining inquiry as is.

I have been fortunate to have one-on-one interactions (in person, over phone or over email) with some wonderful teachers, including Adyashanti, Bonnie Greenwell and Mike Snider (both asked to teach by Adyashanti), and also Todd from our local center.

As always, there are the things happening in relationships….

Speaking my truth as a confession. (And notice when I attach to a story as true, and don’t.) Asking for support when I need it. Praying for the well-being of others. Be of service when I can.  Just living my life and notice what is happening.

And then the care of the body & mind….

I do strength training between one and three times a week, using the body-for life program. I walk quite a bit, also in the woods. I do Breema bodywork and self-Breemas. I take a good deal of herbs right now for chronic fatigue. (Echinacea for short-term immune system functioning, eleuthero and rhodiola for stamina and strenght, l-tyrosine for energy during the day, vitamin d, magnesium, kava and valerian for quality of sleep, and I add some cayenne pepper on my own initiative.)

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