Living a lie

Whenever I take a story as true, I live a lie.

This lie has a huge impact on myself, others and the world. It causes suffering directly, and it also prevents action that could bring joy and alleviation of suffering for myself and others.

Through contemplation, inquiry or conversations, I can  bring into awareness some of this impact, realizing that I will never be aware of most of it.

When I recognize this, for instance through The Work, I find that it is sobering and powerful and brings an added urgency to inquiry, to bringing more clarity into how I live my life, the ways I take stories as true, and the impact of taking stories as true and also of allowing them to liberate.

So how is it that take taking a story as true is to live a lie? I find that the story is not really true for me through some sincerity and inquiry. And also that taking a story as true means I live as if it is true, as much as is possible. I live a lie.

Through the same inquiry, I find how this creates suffering for myself and others, and also prevents enjoyment of the fruits that comes when a story is liberated from being taken as true. I also realize that I am only aware of a small fraction of this impact. I will never be aware of most of it.

And in recognizing all this, it is sobering and adds urgency to inquiry, to investigate more of the stories I take as true and allow them to liberate.



  • living a lie
    • whenever take a story as true, live a lie (not really true for me, as I find through inquiry)
    • has a huge impact – on myself, others (suffering + not living from more clarity)
    • only aware of a small portion of it (notice through contemplation, inquiry, conversation)


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