Prayer w. true meditation and self-inquiry

Prayers continues to be an important thread in my life…

Sometimes with words and visualization, sincerely wishing all good for others (without exception) and myself.

Sometimes with words, asking for guidance and to be shown the way.

Sometimes visualizing Christ (or Buddha) in my heart and in front, behind, on each side and below and above me. (Christ meditation.)

Sometimes with repeated words such as the Jesus/heart prayer (short version), or simply “thank you” or “let your will be done”.

Sometimes wordless, shifting from any of the above into “just sitting” with receptivity and a prayerful attitude.

And sometimes, more and more now, with an element of self-inquiry, with a small portion of attention on the (apparent) doer and observer. Noticing it all – prayer, images, doer and observer gestalts, as content of experience as any other content of experience and not what I really am.

And always noticing the effects of prayer… receptivity, sincerity, an open heart, warmth, a deepening trust in existence as it is. (Also what I usually don’t bring attention to or mention, such as the energetic differences in the heart area, brightening of the aura, the luminous “tongue” in the aura above the head, etc.)



  • prayer
    • types & effect
      • words: well-wishing for others/self, guidance (well-wishing for specific individuals, groups, or all beings)
      • wordless
        • same orientation of receptivity etc. (prayerful attitude)
        • also don’t know + shift into true meditation (no different from shikantaza etc.)
      • jesus/heart prayer (heart centered, similar to mantra practice) (In my native language, “Herre Jesus Krist, forbarm deg over meg.)
      • christ meditation (visualize in heart + front, back, each side, below, above)
      • effects: receptivity, gratitude, humility, sincerity, heart centered, warmth (towards all + self)
    • bring elements of self-inquiry & true meditation into prayer
      • familiar with each one separately, then can bring in more easily
        • notice the doer/observer
        • notice all – prayer, effects, images of others/self, images of doer/observer – as content of experience, guests, comes and goes
        • what is it that does not come and go? what am I really?


initial outline…

  • prayer
    • types
      • for well-being of others + self (family, friends, all beings, earth)
      • for guidance, show me the way
      • for me (ask others)
      • jesus/heart prayer + christ meditation
      • wordless prayer
    • effects
      • open heart
        • well-wishing for others + myself (all inclusive, none left out)
        • warmth in relationship to myself/others (brings in warmth, well-wishing)
      • receptivity
      • trust in existence
      • (three centers: head/receptivity, heart/well-wishing, belly/trust)
    • self-inquiry (bring in as well)
      • notice the doer/observer
    • choiceless awareness, shikantaza, true meditation
      • find that which already holds it all, the prayer, the images of others/self, the images of doer/observer, etc.
      • notice it all as content of experience, as any other content of experience (comes and goes, not what I really am)
    • practice each separately, then easier to bring elements of self-inquiry and true meditation into prayer

And sometimes, more and more now, with an element of self-inquiry, with a small portion of attention on the (apparent) doer and observer. Noticing it as an image, a gestalt made up of sensations and images located in and around the head area, content of experience as any other content of experience, and not what I really am.

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