Quiet voice

Over the last few weeks, I have woken up with a quiet clear voice nudging me to ask a particular person for assistance. Since it didn’t quite fit with the preferences of my personlity, I have ignored it and put it off as much as I could, until today when I woke up with the same voice and finally acted on it.

I am familiar with that quiet clear voice, and when I act on it, it always feels right even if it does sometimes go against the preferences of my personality.

The voices of beliefs have a certain quality of compulsiveness and fear. Yet this voice has a very different quality, and it’s advice is always sane, wise and kind even when it seems a little odd at times, and when I act on it, the outcome is sane and kind as well.

I also notice that if I don’t act on it, it returns over and over until I do, and if I put it off for too long and miss the opportunity to act, there is a sense of something being off.

I know that many traditions talk about this quiet voice. As long as it seems sane, wise and kind, even in a conventional sense, why not act on it?

And if I notice reluctance to act on it, I can notice the belief that prevents me from doing so, and inquire into it to find what is more true for me.

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