So that I no longer exist but God does

We have to sink into God so that I no longer exist but God does.
Zlatko Sudac

It is such a beautiful and simple message, and one that is repeated by mystics of all traditions and no tradition. And it is also an invitation for us to explore it for ourselves, here and now.

What do I take as what I am, in immediate experience? How does it show up in each sense field? Is it content of experience? When I look at how it shows up in each sense field, is it different from any other content of experience? Does it come and go, as any other content of experience? What does not come and go? What am I really?

Am I this body? Sensations? Emotions? Thoughts? My past? My viewpoints, roles and identities? The doer? Choser? Experiencer? Observer? How do each of these show up in the sense fields? Are they content of experience? Do they come and go? Do what I really am come and go? What am I really?

Can I find a separate I here? Can I find a doer? Can I find an observer? Can I find any of those outside of the mental field? Can I find it as anything else than images, taken as true?

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