The Work in daily life

The Work is most commonly done some time after a situation has triggered a belief.

And as we get more familiar with the process, it can happen in the situation as well, either intentionally or on its own.

I may notice one or more of the symptoms of attaching to a viewpoint as true, including a sense of unease, stress, tension, reactivity, or a sense of having to protect a viewpoint or identity. These symptoms can be at higher or lower volume, but their taste remains the same.

Depending on what comes up first, or seems most helpful in the situation, I can then engage with one or more of the five steps of The Work.

I can ask myself…..

Is it true? Can I know for sure that it is true?

What happens when I attach to it as true? (Notice the symptoms, how I react in the situation.)

Who am I – here now – without this belief and its symptoms? How would I act without it? What happens if I act in this way?

How is it to live from one (or more) of its turnarounds, here and now?

I find that it is not always necessary to know the exact story. Simply asking the questions invites in a shift.

Most of the time, the questions are very quiet or wordless, and what happens after they are asked is mostly wordless as well, although it may also be reflected in thought in or after the situation.



  • the work in daily life, as life koans
    • is it true?
    • what happens when I attach to it as true?
    • who am I without it?
    • living the turnarounds (one or more, what happens if I live it here now?)

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