I found Advaitatoons, a collection of advaita-themed cartoons made by Bob Seal.

In addition to being well done, cute and sometimes funny, they are – as all teachings – questions and pointers.

So in this case, what do I find when I explore this for myself?

In states where love and hate are absent, I do find that all becomes clear and undisguised. It is much easier for what I am to notice itself. (Love and hate = attraction and aversion.) This happens mostly in certain forms of meditation practices.

Also, I find that attraction and aversion are fine. They can be here as anything else. What is present or absent instead is identification with attraction or aversion, with the story behind it and its viewpoint and identity. When that identification softens or is released into the whole field of experience (awareness + play of awareness), everything becomes clear and undisguised. There is already a stillness here which even a great deal of activity happens within and as.

I can also explore the dynamics around attraction and aversion. I notice how both comes from taking a story as true. I notice how aversion and attraction are flavors of the same, of wanting to hold onto one experience and pushing another away. I notice what happens when I allow attraction and aversion, as they are, with kindess.

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