Divine mind

Mystics from different traditions talks about how all is happening within and as the Divine Mind, aka Buddha Mind, Big Mind, Brahman, Tao etc.

This can sound abstract and as a nice idea, but it is also something we can get a taste of – or recognize more clearly – here now and in immediacy.

All happens within and as the divine mind, and this includes all beings experiencing portions of what is happening filtered through their biology (senses, size, life span), technology (instruments), culture, beliefs etc. All of this is a dream within the divine mind.

And as any dream, it is insubstantial, ephemeral, awake no thing appearing as something, and  inherently free of subject and object.  

One way to explore this is through the sense fields. How does any phenomena appear when explored through each sense field? Is it as solid as it may initially appear? Can I easily put the label on it that I initially did? Is it as lasting as it seemed? 

What about the (apparently) most solid phenomena, such as a rock, pain, a strong sensation? Are they to insubstantial, ephemeral, something I can’t easily put a label on, awake no thing appearing as something? 

And what about subject and object? How do they each appear through each sense field? Is the object awake no thing appearing as something, already awake to itself? Is the subject really an image of an observer, content of experience just as any other content of experiences?

Is what appeared as an object really a subject, awake to itself? Is what appeared as a subject really an object, content of experience as any other content of experience?

What happens when that is recognized? Do the labels lose their meaning? Do they neutralize each other, leaving all as awake to itself where it is, inherently free of object and subject? 

Is it all images within awakeness, insubstantial, ephemeral, already awake to itself? 



  • divine mind
    • all a dream in the divine mind (images, insubstantial, shared by all beings)
    • shared by all beings, filtered through their biology, culture, beliefs etc. (all of which is part of the divine dream)
    • can notice is a dream, explore through the sense fields

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