Michael Jackson at Motown 25th anniversary

Pure genius in action. Tight and organic, as if dance, music, rhythm and facial expressions all are squeezed out of the same source, and in a way that seems authentic, playful, charming and spontaneous. (Look at 2:45-2:55.) There is a huge amount of practice behind it, which is partly why it seems so tight and organic.

He is also wise enough to give us just a taste of the most amazing parts, leaving us wondering what we just saw and wanting more.

I am grateful for shifting identities on my own part. Even as a kid, I was into classical music and more (I thought) sophisticated contemporary music. And although it is good to sometimes live from a limited and limiting identity – it helps focus attention and energy, I am happy that now, my self-identity is porous/inclusive enough to appreciate Michael Jackson, not only for his dance and music, but also for his humanity. And for giving us a good show at great personal cost.

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