One taste and island practice

When I explore One Taste, I see that it can have many aspects or flavors.

Even the basic One Taste has several facets.  Everything happening is happening within and as awareness itself. It is the dance of emptiness, of no thing appearing as something. It is play, reality exploring itself in an infinite diversity of ways, included as confused. And even that is saying too much, trying to clothe the wordless mystery beyond what is possible.

Going beyond this basic One Taste, I see that I can find it in the mental field, in the realm of images and stories. An overlay of images creates the appearance of objects, humans and things in the wider world, a me as this human self with particular roles, identities, likes and dislikes, an I as a doer and observer, relationships among all of these, shoulds about objects and their relationships, drama when stories are taken as real and true, and so on.

And that goes for the other sense fields as well. There is One Taste when I explore what happens within each sense field. One Taste within sensations, within sight, within sound, within taste, within smell, within the overlays of images and stories.

There may also be One Taste in appreciation for whatever is happening, as it is. A natural love happening when it is all recognized as the play of awareness.

And in noticing this One Taste, I find a curiosity about the little islands of experience that initially may appear to not belong to this One Taste. Contractions. When something suddenly seems more solid and real than the obvious dance of emptiness. Rigid viewpoints. Stories taken as real. A sense of a precarious position. A view that needs to be defended. Muscle tension. A sense of center. A sense of separation. A sense of a doer. A sense of an observer. And each of these identified with, temporarily taken as what I am, as – to some extent – a matter of life and death. These and many more are the familiar signs of identification with stories.

When I notice these islands of contraction, density, insanity, I can find a natural curiosity about them. How does it appear within each sense field? Even without changing in the slightest, is it really as dense as it initially appeared? Is this too awareness itself? The dance of emptiness? Is it really different from the rest of what is happening in the field of experience? Is it different from that which obviously is the play of emptiness?



  • one taste
    • all w/in own world of images (overlay of images creating the appearance of objects, a me + I, relationships, shoulds, drama etc.)
    • all w/in same awareness, all as same awareness
    • all awake no-thing appearing as something (notice when explore through sense fields)
    • mostly one taste, but some phenomena appears more solid, real, substantial etc. (and gives an anchor for less clear actions, and a sense of a separate self)
      • notice these and explore them, notice what they really are – same as everything else

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