Dream: Traveling around, doing things

I woke up from a dream (fuzzy on the details) where I traveled around and engaged in a variety of activities. It was all enjoyable, rich and meaningful. There was also a sense that it didn’t really amount to anything, which was partly what made it so enjoyable and rich. There was a freedom in it.

And that is how life is as well. We travel around and do things. It is enjoyable, sometimes clearly so and other times enjoyable in the drama. It is rich and juicy. (Even boredom and a sense of emptiness is part of that richness and juiciness.) There is meaning in a conventional sense, and also the meaning inherent in experience itself. And while it may amount to a great deal in an everyday sense, it also doesn’t really amount to anything since it is all the play of awakeness. The rich play of awake emptiness as always new and fresh form.

And that play of awake emptiness, never really going anywhere or amounting to something, is exactly why it is rich and meaningful. Awake no-thing is what allows something, and an infinitely rich play of something. Awake no-thing is absent of meaning, so allows an infinitely rich play of meaning. Awake no-thing is free of juice and drama, so allows an infinite play of juice and drama.

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