When I was 17 or so, I remember sitting outside one summer day reading a book, looking up at the leaves against the light blue sky, and noticing a light band around the leaves. I took it to be an optical illusion. In the following days and weeks, I notice a similar light band around animals, inanimate objects and also humans. And it was slightly different in each case. Around plants, a vitality and also quite uniform. Around animals, a little more alive and varied further out. Around inanimate object, very simple and clear. Around humans, even more varied further out.

This difference around different types of objects suggested that it was something more than an optical illusion, and I soon realized that what I was seeing was more of a property of the object I saw it around. One or two years later I met someone who was much more familiar with this and helped me be more comfortable with it, partly through looking at the field around people and recognizing that we saw the same thing, or at least something so similar that the differences were not noticeable in language.

Around the same time, I realize I could “get” quite clearly what was going on for people in terms of body-mind health, and also invite a shift in towards healing and (conscious) wholeness. I haven’t done it much, mainly because it doesn’t fit my shoulds around my own identity, but it may be time for it to open up a little.

When I check in with people (or animals) in this way, there is often first just space. The images of what is going on, and how it unfolds and flows in the direction of healing and awareness. Just by allowing and noticing all this, there is often a shift for the other person, a glimpse of how it can be, a direction opening up, and it may be a little easier for that person to shift in terms of views and behavior. Quite often, the symptoms and experience can shift there and there, and also a clear sense of something simple the other person can do to help shift views and behavior to support that shift. (Otherwise, as old patterns are lived again, the same or similar symptoms may come back.)

It is interesting how all this happens withing the context of Ground, and also right “next to” Ground at the image level. When shifts are allowed to happen there, it is reflected in similar shifts at the energy levels, in the body, and also – to some extent and especially if there is receptivity there for the other person – in views and behavior.

It is almost as if it is all happening at the level of very basic images of the divine mind, more basic that the images that takes the form of energy, body and so on. Maybe even a form of blueprint or organizing patterns for these.

Again, this is mostly from personal experience since I don’t know much about what traditions or others say about this. I am sure there are quite sophisticated ways of talking about this out there.

And I don’t talk about it much, mostly because it doesn’t fit my shoulds around my images of myself. (Seems a little too weird in a conventional context and I try to appear as normal as possible.)

Also, it may be distracting, it may be easy to get caught up in fascination about the weirdness of it and give it far more attention than it really deserves. But that is not really a good reason to not bring it up now and then. Better to include it as part of our lives and experience, along with whatever else is going on for us, allowing it to appear more normal, and also place it in context.

For instance, this has nothing to do with spirituality as I often use the term. This has to do with healing and some of the ways we can receive information and connect. Spirituality has to do with noticing what we really are, independent of content of experience.

Also, these things – when real and genuine, and helpful, as this seems to be – are gifts to share with the community. It makes no sense to sit on it and not make it available when it can help others. It is for the community, even if it happens mainly through some individuals. And that is the case with all gifts, whether it is knowledge, skills, money, material resources, a warm heart, the ability to help people feel comfortable with themselves and so on, and, yes, including being obnoxious. Even that can be a gift, although a less (obviously) pleasant one.

Some additional notes:

In my late teens, I also realized I could see the field around my own body in the mirror, including – mostly surprisingly – a “tongue” of flame right above the top of my head after Christ-centered practices such as the heart prayer and visualizing Christ in my heart and one or two meters above, below, in front and back and on either side of my body.

Also, where someone is in terms of awakening is also clearly visible in this field around their body. Some have soft flowing forms there, which indicates a degree of awakening to the soul level. Others have a strong band close to the body which often indicates a body-inclusive practice. And others again have a clear and uniform field that doesn’t stop anywhere, indicating a clear Ground awakening. There is also a great deal of variation within these.



  • healing
    • at image level
      • space/ground
      • then images – current situation, flow, shift, allow to shift into more healed/healthy/enjoyment
      • invitation to shift + glimpse of how can be + making it a little easier to shift in terms of views/behavior (an opening for it)
      • happening withing context of Ground, and at the level of (very basic) images in the divine mind

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