Identification, distance, space

I notice stories happening in at least three ways….

I can be identified with a story. I take myself as that viewpoint. It is inseparable from who or what I take myself to be. I cannot help perceiving, feeling and acting as if it is true.

There can be a sense of distance to that story. The story happens and there may be emotions there, but it happens at a distance. I am here and the story-emotion dynamic is over there. I have a choice in how I relate to it, and whether or how I act on it in the world.

And when what I am notices itself, the story-emotion dynamic happens on its own. It happens within and as what I am, along with any other content of experience. There is a sense of space within and around it and everything else. Here too, there is a choice in whether or how to act on it. And there is a more clear recognition of the story and its viewpoint as a tool only, helpful in some situations and not in other.

When there is identification, the story, its viewpoint and its associated emotions feel substantial, solid, real and true. When there is a sense of distance, it is recognized as a story with a viewpoint and associated emotions, and it feels a little less solid. It is softening up. And when I notice that it happens within and as what I am, it all appears transparent. Form without substance.

Also, when there is identification, there is obviously a sense of closeness with the viewpoint, but inevitably ambivalence as well. There is often stress and drama around it, or at least the potential for it. When there is distance, it feels a little distanced too. Maybe a little cold. And when it is noticed as happening as and within what I am, there is an intimacy. It is more than intimacy since it happens without an I and other there to be close, or not.



  • identification, distance and space
    • identification
      • identification with a story, take myself as that viewpoint (or inseparable of who/what I am)
    • sense of distance (I-other)
      • an I here at a distance from other there
    • sense of space within/around (recognize I as part of content of experience)
      • everything happening as/within what I am
      • space within/around everything

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