Healing invitation

Our gifts are to be shared with the community

And although this is something I rarely mention and prefer to leave to others, it is also quite clear that I am more aligned with what is honest for me when I am more open about this.

So here it goes, if anyone would like to be a guinea pig for receving healing, send me a message.

It will happen from my end in the form of prayer – and in the context of Let Your Will be Done.

The way I experience it is that all healing happens over there, for the one receiving it. That is where healing comes from. And I am just playing along with how this universe seems to be set up. Healing could happen at any time, but is invited in when we or someone else asks for it on our behalf. There is a beauty there. A beauty in inviting in healing for each other.

Also, healing is equally or more likely to happen in how we relate to a situation than in changes in the situation itself. Real healing happens in how we relate to a situation, ourselves, others, life.

And although there will always be expectations one way or another, it is good to recognize it as expectations. And that we really don’t know. We don’t know what will happen. We don’t know what is ultimately best for ourselves or others. If we are even more honest with ourselves, we may see that the question doesn’t really make sense.

And whether our expectations seem aligned with what happens or not, it is a good opportunity to question those expectations.

If there was any doubt, this is of course free of charge.