Inquiry: Clarity is better than confusion

Clarity is better than confusion.

  1. True?
    I can find where it feels true. I see how much of what I write here seems to come from that place.
  2. Sure it is true?
    No. It is just another opinion.
  3. What happens when I take that story as true?
    • I strive for clarity. I want clarity.
    • If there is confusion, I feel something is wrong. Off. I want it to go away, I want clarity instead. I look for ways to find clarity.
    • I am not OK with what is. If there is a sense of clarity, I am afraid it will go away. If there is confusion, I want clarity.
    • I realize I don’t really know what to label clarity or confusion. One can easily be the other. Clarity – in one form, at the level of stories – has layers, so what seems clear now may look like confusion at other times. I want to label since one is better than the other, but am confused about what to label clarity and what to label confusion. I experience tension around this too.
    • I struggle for clarity, and notice that creates a sense of confusion. I also notice that struggling for clarity in itself appears as confusion.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • OK with confusion or clarity. Less interested in labeling something as one or the other. More OK with don’t know.
    • Receptivity. Curiosity. Interest. Open curiosity.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • Clarity is not better than confusion.
      • No. They are both human experiences. The play of awake no-thing as form.
      • It is just a story that clarity is better than confusion. I don’t really know.
      • Sometimes confusion can be valuable. It sparks exploration. Discovery.
    • Clarity is worse than confusion.
      • Yes. Telling myself I have clarity is worse. When I tell myself I have clarity around a story, I close myself off. I think my stories are on the right track. I get satisfied with those stories or the direction they outline. When I tell myself I am confused, there is more receptivity. Humility.
      • Clarity is an end point. Confusion sparks exploration.
      • When i tell myself I have clarity, I feel I am right. I make myself right and others wrong. I take my own stories as clear and true, and alternative or opposing stories as confused and wrong. I close myself off from others. My thinking is closed off to other views.
      • I close myself off from what is more honest for me.
    • Confusion is better than clarity.
      • Yes. It keeps me on my toes. It sparks curiosity, investigation, exploration.
      • It is an invitation for exploration.
      • It is an invitation for genuine humility.
      • It is an invitation for sincerity.
      • It is an invitation for honesty.
      • It is an invitation for receptivity.
      • It is an invitation to see that I am in the same boat as everyone else.
      • It is an invitation to recognize that I really don’t know.

Wow. This inquiry was far more juicy than I had expected. A very noticeable shift happened as I did the turnarounds, especially towards the end. A shift not only in view, but in how I experience myself and the world. I quite literally don’t recognize myself right now, which is how it often is when I do an honest inquiry into a story that is taken as true somewhere in me.

I find where I honestly welcome confusion.

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