Inquiry: He is out of touch with reality.

He is out of touch with reality. (And that is not OK.)

Harald Eia, a Norwegian sociologist, apparently recently had a personal revelation on how natural sciences contribute to our understanding of human behavior (!), and now is making a documentary pitting social scientists against natural scientists. He projects his own process onto a whole field. A field where the interplay of evolution/biology and psychology/sociology is already taken for granted, and they focus more on the specifics of that interplay.

  1. True?
    Yes. Feels that way. I imagine many others agreeing.
  2. Sure it is true?
    No. It is just a thought, an opinion.
  3. What happens when I take that story as true?
    • I get annoyed. Agitated.
    • I make him wrong. I go into stories about how he is wrong. I make my own views right.
      • He tries to create an impression of opposition between social and natural sciences that is not there.
      • Just about everyone includes both easily. The standard view is of an interplay of biology and psychological/social factors. So why make it appear as if there is a conflict? The big picture is resolved a long time ago.
      • There are of course questions about the exact interplay in different areas of life and situations, and that is far more interesting. Why not leave the big picture as it is – already resolved – and instead focus on the details, the specifics, which is far more interesting?
      • He is making way too much out of his own process. He projects it out on a whole field. He is out of touch with reality.
    • When did I first have that thought? In my teens. (Not about him, but about the same issue.)
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Curious. Receptive. Interested in his approach and what I can learn from it.
    • Interested in how it is a mirror for myself.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • He is not out of touch with reality.
      • I am sure some folks do have a one-sided view, maybe especially in his field – sociology. I am more familiar with psychology where the interplay has been taken for granted for a long time.
      • He is probably not out of touch with reality in many other areas of life.
      • He is also a comedian, and sometimes quite funny and insightful, so he is not out of touch with reality there.
    • I am out of touch with reality.
      • Yes, that is more true. I am out of touch with reality if I expect him to view the world and act in a way differently from what he does.
      • I probably go too far in the other direction. There may be more one-sidedness out there than I am aware of or acknowledge.
    • My thinking is out of touch with reality.
      • Yes, when I go into a belief – such as this one – my thinking gets skewed. It is less in touch with reality. Less receptive. Less nuanced. Less honest.
      • Even when my thinking is more receptive and nuanced, it is still out of touch with reality. It is always only a question about the world. An attempt to try to find functional guidelines for my life in the world.
    • I am not out of touch with reality.
      • No. Especially not when I inquire into my beliefs, honestly, to find what is more true for me. In that receptivity, I am less out of touch with reality.

Additional beliefs: He is overgeneralizing from his own process. He shouldn’t project his own process onto a whole field. He shouldn’t make it appear as if it is about others and not about himself. He shouldn’t make it appear that there is a conflict that is not there.

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