Inquiry: They are irresponsible

They are irresponsible. (And misinformed. Not receptive to research. Not receptive to reality. Caught up in irrational dynamics they are not aware of. Living out their hangups. Acting in ways that can harm their children and others in the community. They live out immature views, putting themselves and others at risk.)

The anti-vaccination folks.

  1. True?
    Yes. Feels true. Others agree. I can find many stories saying it is true.
  2. Sure?
  3. What happens when I believe that story?
    • I get slightly agitated. Want to prove them wrong. Find information that supports my view. Post comments on the vaccination-paranoia posts of one of my fb friends where I make fun of it.
    • I see and feel that they are irresponsible. I think about them and sometimes act as if it is true.
    • I tell myself they are not aware of the history of medicine and vaccinations.
      • How can they ignore the huge impact vaccinations has had on a wide range of diseases, including eradicating or being close to eradicating many of them.
      • Their view is not only misinformed, it is also irresponsible and heartless. Would they rather that the millions of people who did not get infected due to vaccinations, were? Would they rather see them sick? Would they rather have large scale epidemics of serious illnesses that are now contained?
      • When they refuse vaccination for their children, would they rather see them sick or dead?
      • Don’t they realize the risk they expose others to when they refuse vaccines for themselves and their families, and especially when several in the same community do the same?
      • Don’t they realize that they themselves benefit hugely from other people being vaccinated, through not being exposed to illnesses they otherwise would be exposed to? Don’t they realize that the luxury of saying “no” to vaccines is possible because so many others are vaccinated?
      • Don’t they realize how profoundly irresponsible their view is?
    • I tell myself they are wrong.
    • I experience separation. Unease. That something is off.
    • Tension.
    • When did I first have that specific story? Only in the last few years when I first heard about the anti-vaccination views. And in general: At an early age. Cannot remember specifically. Probably about some of my school mates in elementary school. I often thought they (some of them) were irresponsible in how they acted.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Clear. Receptive. Not a sense of separation.
    • Receptive to exploring the situation in a more nuanced way. Receptive to differentiate more. Some vaccinations may be very beneficial and have very few or no unintended effects. Other vaccinations may be less necessary and have potential for undesired effects.
    • Free of reactivity. Don’t have to defend a position.
    • Curious. Engaging in the topic from curiosity. Receptivity.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • They are not irresponsible
      • They are well meaning.
      • They are probably not irresponsible in many other areas of life, even in my own view!
      • They do point out some valid concerns about vaccinations. I can acknowledge and appreciate that, even if I don’t always agree with their conclusion.
    • They are responsible
      • Yes. As above.
      • They do it out of concern for themselves and others. Again, I can appreciate that even if I evaluate the situation differently.
    • I am irresponsible
      • Yes. When I take a story as true, I am irresponsible. I (try to) think, feel and act as if it is true, even if I really know better.
      • I am irresponsible around vaccinations. I haven’t explored their concerns seriously. I tend to mostly dismiss it.
      • I am irresponsible in other areas of life. It doesn’t make sense for me to be righteous and put down their views on vaccinations, when they are more responsible than I am in other areas of life.
    • My thinking is irresponsible
      • Yes. When a story is taken as true, my thinking is irresponsible. It has serious real-life consequences. I live as if something is absolutely true, when it isn’t. I live with blinders. It can – and does – hurt myself and others.

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